Telephone Management System


A telephone management system is in short the most cost effective manager your business will ever employ! Manage your communications effortlessly with reporting tools, call barring, pin codes and call activity analysis. This tool now allows you to manage what you can measure in real time.


Telephone Recording  


The Upstream recorder is an invaluable and affordable telephone voice recorder. All conversations (incoming and outgoing) can be recorded and logged on your computer, at the office or at home.


  • Telephone line recording (call recording)
  • Radio communication logging
  • Control room voice recording
  • Call Centers


Music On Hold

Our Mp3 Player Music on hold (MOH) allows you to put your business’ pre-recorded advertising, your favourite music or simply the radio onto the unit for clients to listen to whilst waiting or being transferred within your business.

The possibilities are endless and there are a number of additional items we can supply from loudbells / sirens for workshops, paging systems for paging or just background music in the workplace, Doorphones for business entry from the PABX, if there is something specific you require please contact us