NEC SL 1000 Handsets

Proprietary handsets for the NEC SL1000, A choice of 12 Button (Management), 24 Button (Reception) or 24 Button IP Telephones (VoIP) and a DSS module for larger systems requiring  additional buttons.

NEC SV8100 Handsets

Proprietary handsets for the NEC SV8100, A choice of Digital, Bluetooth or IP Handsets in an array of sizes from 6 Button to 32 Button as well as touch screen and PC based soft-phones.

SLT (ANALOG) Extension Telephones

Typical analog extension type telephones from the basic user friendly handset to the more advanced, hands-free, screen type options designed to suit the users specific needs.

Cordless (DECT) Telephones

For the user requiring a mobile handset in the workplace, options from the robust and durable to the more executive colour screen and feature rich handset.

Conference Phones

Designed for the boardroom these units allow you to have multiple users around a table making 1 call to third parties, options from the very basic functions to the more advanced dependant on client applications.


Business Headsets

Designed for those that need both hands, work in a call centre on move around the office whilst taking calls, we have a comprehensive range of headsets to suit any application.